Diagnosis of Eclampsia

In order to reach a conclusive diagnosis of Eclampsia, your doctor will need to conduct a thorough physical examination to rule out any other causes for the seizures and other symptoms. Among things that will also be checked will be your blood pressure and your breathing rate. Other tests to determine Eclampsia include blood tests and urine tests to check for clotting factors, creatinine levels, hematocrit levels, uric acid, platelet count and liver function.

Since blood pressure levels and weight are generally checked at every consultation with your doctor during a pregnancy, any fluctuations will indicate a possibility of a problem such as preeclampsia.

If your doctor suspects preeclampsia, a urine test will be required to check for the presence of protein in the urine. Other tests to monitor the well being of the baby such as non-stress tests, ultrasound to measure the growth of the baby and a biophysical profile will also be performed.

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