Before & After Cosmetic Surgery

Experts insist that the recovery period of any type of cosmetic surgery is as important as the procedure itself. Following your doctor’s instructions post the surgery can make all the difference between a successful surgery and one with less than positive results. During your cosmetic surgery recovery period, it is important to keep all follow-up appointments with your doctor. Even if you are feeling and looking great, your doctor has the training and experience to pick up on small signs and indications that things may not be alright. Remember, a small problem is always easier to solve than a large one and by keeping your follow - up appointments, your problems can be caught when they are still small. You can speed up the recovery process by:

  • Keeping your head elevated if you have had any type of facial surgery. This can significantly reduce recovery time and minimize swelling.
  • Avoid showers and tub baths until your doctor gives you the go ahead.
  • Take time off work for at least a few days after surgery. Some procedures may require a few weeks off, so check with your doctor in advance.
  • The drugs prescribed to control pain and bruising may interfere with your responses and sense of judgment. It is therefore important that you do not drive or operate any machinery until you are off the medication.
  • Do not start any new medications or herbal and alternative treatments during your recovery period without your doctor’s approval. Some may interfere with the healing process or even cause other complications.
  • Do not exercise before your doctor allows you to. Exercise can aggravate swelling and pain and prevent proper healing.
  • Stay away from direct sunlight and protect all surgical sites with sunblock.

Frequently asked questions
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