May 15, 2013

Types of Psychotherapy

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Psychotherapy is a medical discipline which is used to treat several psychological conditions. This therapy is almost always used in conjunction with medications. There are a variety of treatment techniques that make up psychotherapy and different types of these treatments usually make for different types of psychotherapy.

In a typical session of psychotherapy, the person suffering from a mental illness is interviewed by a licensed professional therapist. During this interview, the therapist tries to elicit as much information about the person and their illness as possible. Once the background history has been discussed, the therapist draws out a therapy plan and works with the patient to enable them to identify and work through all the various facets of the patient’s life, which contribute to their mental illness.

There are a lot of views on psychotherapy and a lot of debate on whether or not the various types of psychotherapies actually work. When seen scientifically, it is believed that the therapy does work because during the therapy, through active participation, the therapist tries to understand the nature of the patient’s problems and the factors that are aggravating it.

Detailed discussions are held to understand the life events and the medical history associated with the mental illness of the patient. The therapist then methodically helps the patient work through their own problems in a systematic way so that they can regain the sense of pleasure and purpose in their life. During these different types of psychotherapy sessions, the doctor is also able to help the patient learn various coping techniques so that the patient can learn to cope with everyday problems without the help of the therapist. The ability to cope with their problems can help patients learn problem solving skills and enable them to face future problems without getting disoriented or discouraged.

Psychotherapy for depression is one of the most common types of psychotherapy. This is partly because depression is one of the most common mental illnesses affecting people of all ages, all over the world, and partly because psychotherapy has been found to be the most effective method of dealing with depression. There are various formats in which psychotherapy may be given to a person. Integrative psychotherapy is one kind of therapy that can be carried out on an individual or in a group. This kind of therapy integrates several principles of psychology like behavioral therapy, occupational therapy, and depression therapy, to address a mental illness in a more comprehensive manner.

Anxiety psychotherapy is another one of the most popular psychotherapy treatments. This treatment is usually extended from the individual and group formats to couples and family format as well. Often, when a person is suffering from intense anxiety, it is possible that the other family members of the married partner may be going through similar anxiety or stress. The family and couple therapy can also help bring in more clarity to the problem and create a healthy support group and environment for the patient to get better quickly.

The two most important approaches to psychotherapy include psychodynamic therapy and interpersonal therapy. Both these kind of therapies try to identify unresolved conflicts from a person’s life, the causes and the factors surrounding it, and trying to find ways and means through which the patient could possibly cope with them. These therapies are usually administered over a relatively longer period of time as compared to other therapies.

The various psychotherapy treatments involve psychotherapy for depression treatment and anxiety treatment. There are various types of psychotherapy for children as well and most of these types of psychotherapy treatments are for depression, which may set in at any age.