I am a man and my hands cut very easily during winter months. I also get cracks in the skin. What will help this?

Dry and cracked skin is one of the commonest complaints during the winter months. The cold weather causes skin to dry and any kind of labor can cause cuts and cracks to occur. Flaking, cracking, developing cuts and even conditions such as eczema are all some of the common outcomes of dry skin during the winter months.

These problems can all be avoided by taking proper care of your skin in winter. Here are some tips on dealing with dry skin in winter:

  • Moisturize Frequently – The usual skin moisturizers that work so well during the spring and summer months may not be as effective in winter. Instead, buy a moisturizer that is oil based. The oil will create a protective layer over the skin, helping it to retain moisturizer. Products containing “humectants” such as glycerin, alpha-hydroxy acids and sorbitol are also very effective in helping the skin to retain moisture. Apply the moisturizer as often as required.
  • Apply Sunscreen – If you are headed out, apply a sunscreen over your hands and other exposed areas of your body. Sunscreen is an essential part of skin care as the winter sun can be quite damaging to your skin.
  • Protect your Hands – Your hands tend to dry and crack easily in cold weather since they have a very thin layer of skin with few oil glands. Wear gloves whenever you head outside.
  • Avoid wearing gloves that are wet or damp as they can cause skin irritation, resulting in cracking, sores and even eczema.
  • Use a Humidifier – Heating systems at home or in the office will dehydrate you and exacerbate your skin condition. Use a humidifier while you are indoors. Portable humidifiers are available which you can install in your office.
  • Drink Water – The cold weather may make drinking water seem unnecessary. Not drinking adequate amounts of water can cause dehydration which will dry your skin out further. Drinking caffeinated beverages and alcohol will only serve to dehydrate you further. Make sure that you drink adequate quantities of water and keep yourself well hydrated.
  • Petroleum Jelly – For severely cracked skin, slather on petroleum jelly.
  • Hot Showers – Avoid extremely hot showers as these will deplete the oils from your skin and cause dehydration. Keep your showers brief for the same reason.
If these measures do not help you then you should consult a dermatologist.

answered by A S

Keep your hands well moisturized. After taking a shower immediately apply a moisturizer while you are still dripping. Repeat it every 3-4 hours as and when you feel dryness in your hands.

To avoid the skin from drying wash your hands only when required. To prevent cuts on your skin be careful while walking or performing any activity.

answered by S P

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