What is vision therapy? I have diplopia since last 11mths. How long can I wait maximum before going for surgery. Though it is getting better day by day. What exercise would you recommend?

Diplopia is also known as double vision. The basic cause for double vision could be that your eyes are not properly aligned. A cataract in your eye could also cause this condition in one eye, in which case it is known as monocular diplopia.

If your eyes are not aligned properly, what happens is that two different images are sent you your brain. These images don't match and therefore, when the brain uses them, the result is double vision. Since this can cause confusion, the brain often selects one image and discards the other one. Thus, a patient suffering from double vision might believe himself cured. This is not the case and if this occurs, you should immediately get appropriate treatment.  
Vision therapy is a way to treat this condition, without resorting to surgery. This treatment corrects eyes movements and deficiency in the visual motor segment.  This therapy also uses procedures which have been specially designed to enhance your brain's control, and emphasize eye alignment, abilities of the eye  to focus and process visual images.
Please note that if you think that your double vision is getting better, this is probably an indication that your brain is using only one image. This means that your vision is partially impaired since the single image does not provide depth to your perceptions. You should see a doctor as soon as possible.

answered by M W

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