Is jaundice a communicable disease


Jaundice is an illness that affects your liver. A person gets Jaundice when his body produces bilirubin in large quantities and the liver is unable to remove that. The symptoms for jaundice are extreme fatigue. A person suffering form jaundice will notice that the whites of the eyes are yellow. Urine is yellow and the stools smells. The patient complains of fatigue and the skin of the body takes on a yellow hue.

The best cure for jaundice is rest. Complete rest will help a person suffering from jaundice recover quickly. Avoid eating oily, fried or spicy food. Try to eat light food and concentrate on eating fruits and simple food with very little salt. The patient can also drink juices.

Jaundice does not spread to other people through shared vessels or food and drink. However it does spread through using contaminated needles. If a mother is infected while pregnant the disease can be transmitted to the baby. You can ensure that you don't get jaundice by not sharing things with others. Avoid sharing used needles. Ensure that everything is sterilized before you use it. Always remember to wash your hands with soap, to ensure that you don't bring an illness into the house.

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