I am 28 and i have grey hair. Is there any natural home remedy i can use so that my hair becomes black? And i have eczema too?

Greying is a natural process which everybody has to go through; some go through this process earlier while others are lucky enough to go through it later in life. Greying is caused due to the decline and breakdown in the melanin level. It is this melanin which gives color to your hair. There are a also a number of other causes which aid in this natural process of greying, such as illness, stress, heredity, lack of vitamins and nutrients etc.  

Though complete reversal of greying hair is not possible, its intensity can be reduced with the help of some home remedies. Though these remedies are normally safe, eczema patients are advised to first consult with their doctor before use.


  • Include protein-rich foods like eggs, lean meat, soy etc., in the diet
  • Include foods rich in irons, vitamins (A and B) and mineral. Example, kidney beans, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, bananas, eggs, yogurt, oysters, etc.
  • Include iodine in your diet as it aids in melanin production. Iodine can be commonly found in table salt (NOT sea salt or kosher salt). Other good sources of iodine include, fish, carrots and bananas.
  • Cut down on stress by regular morning walks, exercise, yoga, meditation, etc., which may help reduce anxiety.
Natural Remedies    

  • Butter from cow’s milk is supposed to arrest the occurrence of greying hair. Melt some cow’s milk butter and spread it through scalp and hair. Rinse well after an hour or two. This can be done twice a week.   
  • Indian gooseberry (called Amla in Hindi) is of the best natural remedies for greying hair. Though not easily available in supermarkets, it is available in most Indian groceries across America. Cut the gooseberry into slices and soak it overnight in water. Strain the water (do not throw it) and dry the slices. Boil the dried fruit in coconut oil; you will see the fruit crumble and float in the oil. Apply this oil (while lukewarm) along with the fruit.  Rinse after a couple of hours with water kept aside and repeat the rinse a couple of times with plain water. Do not shampoo. You can shampoo after a day.
  • Stir a tablespoon of iodized table salt into a cup of black tea. Massage this solution into the hair and scalp and leave for an hour. Rinse well after an hour.
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answered by G M

  1. Pease be positive and start immedialtely with Yog pranayam detoxify your cells with oxygen intake in in the proper and splendid way .
  2. Take a red mushroom called as ganoderma take it's powder 1 tsp in water daily for 3 months.
  3. Take a homeopathy remedy called as graphites 30 take 5 pills once bed time for 3 days .Then follow up with one dose of Psorinum 10 m and wait and watch for 1month .

answered by D M K

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