Can you please tell glycerine for the face mixed with something?

I am afraid your query is too fragmented for me to really understand what you are trying to ask. You seem to be anxious to know something about a face pack using glycerin. Glycerin is a chemical compound. It is colorless and odorless. It is these qualities that make glycerin a widely used ingredient in the pharmaceutical industry. Glycerin is commonly used in medicine because of its ability to act as a stimulant to the skin. It also helps to protect the skin from the abrasive actions of air and is known to cure minor irritations. Glycerin is also an admirable vehicle for the use of other remedies, providing the base for these medications.

Glycerin possesses the ability to make the skin smoother. It provides lubrication and is therefore used in a wide range of products, from cough syrup, to hair care products to mouthwashes and skin care products. It is sometimes used as a laxative too./p>

You can mix glycerin with some rose water and apply it on your face. In combination with a variety of ingredients like almond oil, or rose water, glycerin can also work wonders on sunburns on the face. In addition, glycerin can also be mixed with hot water, lemon and honey to help soothe your throat.

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