Remedies To Stop Periods: Can I Stop My Period For A Short Time Or Make It Hurry Up?

I am afraid your menstrual cycle is governed by the body clock. This varies for every single individual and therefore what works for one person may not for another. Starting and stopping periods, even for a short while are not thing that you or I can do.

If you would like to stop your menstrual periods because of your plans to travel out then what you can do instead is to try and keep yourself as comfortable as possible. Most women associate menstrual periods with discomfort, pain and a general feeling of yuckiness. There is this belief that travelling and other such activities cannot be carried out with any degree of comfort if you are going through your menstrual period. But this need not be so. You can help yourself feel comfortable. First of all ensure that you use underclothes that you are comfortable with. Change your underclothes as often as you can. If possible clean yourself with water each time you have to use the bathroom. If this is not possible, then simply wet a toilet roll and use this to wipe yourself dry. Drinking hot drinks generally helps when you are going through your period. Using a hot pad or even a hot water bottle offers a great deal of relief. If you plan to drive a long distance, a small pillow or cushion placed at your lower back will give you relief.

answered by G M

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