I'm 21 and have spotting or multiple periods. Last period was 2 weeks ago and today I have heavy flow and cramp which are making me anxious.

You might be experiencing dysmenorrhea, a condition associated with severe pain and cramps. Spotting or complete absence of blood is due to amenorrhea. The primary reason for lack of bleeding in menses is due to pregnancy. It is completely ruled out, in your case, as you suffer from a cyclic procedure. Though not a disease, it indicates the presence of an underlying condition. Changes in diet and lifestyle are of great help. Anxiety and stress are also culprits resulting in extreme conditions of spotting or heavy flow, in addition to hormonal imbalance.

Menorrhagia or heavy menstrual flow is accompanied by increased flow, fatigue and tiredness. Thyroid disease also contributes to menorrhagia. Irregular vaginal bleeding wetting almost a pad every hour, calls for immediate attention. Increased cramps and severe pain are reduced by painkillers. Prolonged and heavy bleeding is controlled by oral contraceptive pills. But, a physician's guidance is recommended. Cramps are relieved by non steroidal inflammatory drugs. Low levels of iron calls for iron supplementation. Administration of progesterone helps in correcting hormonal imbalance, thereby reducing menorrhagia.

A diary keeping track of the type of sanitary pad usage determines the kind of flow. Intolerance to any kind of medication is told to the physician. The probability of your condition to improve after treatment is more. Oestrogen excess results in scanty flow between 2 to 3 days. Bleeding for more than 3 days is due to insufficiency of progesterone. Menorrhagia is due to deficiency of ionized calcium, vitamin K, fibroids, malignancy, parathyroid insufficiency and liver insufficiency. Cramps occur due to progesterone excess, oestrogen insufficiency, thyroid stress and calcium loss.

answered by Dr C

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