how do i prepare homemade enzymes from fruits

While it is possible to prepare fruit enzymes at home, it is inadvisable to do so. The reasons for this are simple: enzymes have a delicate chemical balance, which can take as less as a second to tipple and change the nature of the enzyme. It is far more sensible to buy these enzymes as they are sold in pill or powder form, since the chemical balance is reached and frozen in these products. However, if you require them for beauty products, you can make fruit enzymes at home. The simplest way to do this is to ferment fruit and let it stew in its own juices in controlled conditions. For instance, if you are using papaya to make an enzyme (the commonest fruit enzymes are papaya-based) you need to let the fruit ferment - not rot, nut ferment till it reaches the ph of the enzyme you need. You can put it in an earthen pot, which can be sealed with dough, and must be buried underground. Open it only after about two months. After this, you would have to run a series of tests to check the ph balance of the result and determine if you can use it for the purpose you require it for.

answered by G M

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