Is there anything I can do to decrease edema during pregnancy?

Remedies and cure to decrease edema during pregnancy 

Placing cabbage leaves on the feet helps to decrease edema amongst pregnant women. Cucumber strips or potato slices also work just as well.

Also eating a whole fresh whole cucumber daily helps lowers the water retention.
Put together an herbal poultice made from comfrey and coltsfoot on the concerned area. Bring to a boil five cups of water and take it off the heat. To this water, two and a half teaspoons of comfrey and two and half a teaspoons of coltsfoot must be added and allowed to stand for ten minutes. Sieve the contents and use a thick soft cloth to soak in this blend. Smear the cloth on to the affected area for half an hour thrice a day.

Alternately you can also rub in some mustard oil on to the legs or douse a handful of mustard seeds in water overnight and use the solution the next day to massage on to the swollen legs. Rest your legs with your feet up for short intervals of time, this basic exercise also helps in reducing the water retention. Before you go to sleep at night, keep your feet under running cold for10 minute to obtain relief. 

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