How to treat edema in elderly

Edema occurs in a patient due to the accumulation of fluid that ends up getting trapped in the body's tissue. It can occur in any area of the body but commonly occurs in parts of the body like the ankles, feet, legs, face and hands. The disorder does occur with only a specific age group and can occur ion anybody. Edema can sometimes be caused by gravity, this happens when a person sits or stands for a very long duration -causing water to be automatically pulled down to one's feet. It can also occur due to a weakening of the valves that exist in the veins of the legs. This complication makes it difficult for the vein to push blood back up to the heart and in effect causes varicose veins, and the accumulation of fluid as result. There are also congestive disorders like lung, heart failure, liver disease and thyroid disorder that can cause the edema or aggravate the already existing edema in a person's body. Edema cannot be completely cured but there are preventive measures that you can take to bring down the amount of swelling. Use a pillow below your legs when lying down. Do not sit or stand in one place for too long. You can also use a cold an hot compress or immersion in alternate turns to reduce the amount of swelling. Cutting down your intake of salt will also help in reducing symptoms. Consult your doctor for further information on how to deal with edema, using preventive measures.

If a person fractures the wrist, the first and foremost goal is try and regain normal and proper functioning of the hand and wrist at the same time. Therefore in order to achieve this you must practice the exercises shown to you by your physician. The proper treatment for a fractured wrist depends completely on the how severe the fracture is and where is the location of the fracture on the wrist. If the fracture is simple then bone has broken but the edges are close enough to allow for simple manipulation in order to realign the bone (this is done by putting g the wrist in a cast). This method does not require any surgery, just time and proper care of the wrist. If the fracture is complex then multiple breakages has occurred and surgery will be required.

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