What is the cause for frequent numbness in hands and legs

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Several people complain of numbness in their hands and legs after they have reached a certain age. The nerves in our body are laid out in an intricate pattern, passing between muscles and tendons. As we grow older we find that the spaces meant for the nerves grow smaller and smaller.

This shrinking space means that your nerves will have less space to travel through. And the result is that the nerves are compressed and feel pinched. This makes them tingle and experience numbness.

Of course this is only one of the possible reasons for the numbness that you experience in your hands and legs. It is advisable to visit the appropriative doctor in order to get an accurate diagnosis and correct advice.

What you can do to help yourself and ensure that your legs and hands don't fall asleep, is to take care not to keep them in the same position for a long time. Instead move your hand and legs frequently, to ensure that the nerves don't get compressed and cause numbness. If you have been sitting in one position for some time, consciously get up and walk around the room or take a break to stretch your legs.

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