People say if I have piles problem even once I will not be able to clear the Medical inspection. My medical inspection is held in next month please suggest me is there any way.

Piles, also known as hemorrhoids, are inflammation of the vascular structure in the anal canal. This could be a very painful and also embarrassing condition and therefore you would need immediate medical attention to treat the condition. You should also know that most medicines help you control the inflammation and the symptoms and do not treat the condition. This problem tends to recur and therefore many people often turn to natural remedies for piles as these remedies in time tend to heal the problems. Using products from your own kitchen or garden can provide a lot relief. Let's look at some popular natural remedies.

  • Soak cumin seeds in water and drink this water once a day till the pain and irritation subsides.
  • Fresh radish juice had daily can also provide some relief from piles.
  • One mashed ripe banana with milk should be had thrice a day can give some relief.
  • Buttermilk with carom seeds can help reduce the pain and inflammation.
  • The juice of bitter gourd leaves mixed with buttermilk is also beneficial for piles.
  • Ginger juice with lemon and honey is also an effective remedy for piles.
  • Soaked dried figs should be eaten along with the water that it was soaked in. The seeds in figs work very well with the intestines and help treat constipation, which can also be side effect of piles.
  • Dried and ground mango seed powder should be had twice to thrice a day.
  • Juice of turnip leaves can also help. This juice works even better when you are on a raw food diet. An all-fruit diet is also very beneficial for people who have a chronic piles complaint.
  • Sesame seeds are also very beneficial as a piles home remedy. You can soak some seeds in water and drink that water or you can have sweetmeats made with sesame seeds.

Remember to slowly increase the fiber in your diet. Soluble and insoluble fiber helps in keeping piles at bay.

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