What is a good home remedy for sensitive teeth?

Sensitive teeth are typically caused overtime on account of the wearing out of the teeth enamel or even if the gums have receded because of the use of certain abrasive toothpastes, excessive consumption of hot and cold foods etc. Teeth sensitivity is observed in people in the form of pain when consuming hot or cold foods.

In such cases you may resort to one of the below mentioned home remedies for sensitive teeth:

  • You could minimize the sensitivity of the teeth with the application of some desensitizing toothpaste on sensitive areas of the teeth just after brushing with the same toothpaste and before going to bed. This habit is known to minimize the sensitivity of the teeth in just a couple of weeks.
  • You may also find a significant improvement in teeth sensitivity by simply changing your toothbrush from a hard bristled one to a soft bristled tooth brush as the scrubbing by the hard bristled toothbrush is known to damage the tooth enamel, exposing the nerve thereby making the tooth sensitive and cause pain.
  • It is also a good habit to regularly brush your teeth, especially after meals and before going to bed so as to prevent the buildup of plaque which is known to release an acid that makes the teeth even more sensitive.
  • A simple home remedy for your sensitive teeth also includes rinsing your mouth at least once a day with a fluoride rinse which is also known to take care of problems such as dental bone loss and gum disease.
  • You can treat your sensitive teeth at home by ensuring that you floss often as this will help in getting rid of food particles that may be stuck between teeth and may have been missed out while brushing. Else these particles will get converted into plaque and in turn cause tooth sensitivity.

answered by M W

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