What to do for bloodshot eyes that's safe?

There are a number of causes of bloodshot, watery, and congested eyes.

  • The main and most common cause of bloodshot eyes is allergies. You can get bloodshot and teary eyes if your body is exposed to air borne allergens like dust mites, pollen, and fungal strains. Food allergies may also cause these symptoms, though it is rarer.
  • Pink eye is the second most common cause of these symptoms. In case you have recently come in contact with someone who also has this infection, it is highly likely that you may have had contracted it yourself. Pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis, may cause congestion and swelling in your eyes. There may even be constant tearing as well as some amount of discharge from the eyes.
  • Another eye infection that may cause these symptoms is a stye. This is an infection that causes localized swelling in the eye lids. This may cause irritation in the eyes, leading to tearing and discharge. It may also cause redness in the eyes and pain.
  • Sometimes, blood shot eyes can also be a result of the bursting of a capillary in the eyes. Though a harmless condition, it can cause blood to enter into the whites of your eyes. This can eventually cause temporary impairment of vision and slight discomfort as well. You may feel dryness in the eye due to the bursting of the blood vessel. It ultimately causes the eyes to tear up and release thin discharge. However, in such a case, your eyes may not get swollen.

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