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Colon cleansing home remedies is very effective and has the potential to eradicate any irritating problems originating from colon issues.

A range of home remedies helps in body cleansing and removes all the toxins and waste material present in the human body. Try the following home remedies:

  1. A well balanced and nutritious diet is the most effective cure for colon cleansing.
  2. Incorporate more of fiber rich food in your diet because fiber helps in flushing out toxins from colon. Most popular high fiber food sources are wheat germ, rice bran and oat bran.
  3. Drink almost 2 liters of water daily to eradicate all the colon related issues.
  4. Manage your weight because obesity can worsen the condition leading to various fatal health conditions.
  5. Natural herbs such as aloe leaf, cascara sagrada, ginger, cayenne pepper and senna help in removing fecal matter, killing the harmful bacteria, inhibiting toxin formation, improving functions of colon muscles and promoting natural bowel movement. All these herbs have cleansing and cathartic properties.
  6. Barberry stimulates liver and gall bladder.
  7. Try taking fennel and garlic. Both these herbs act as purifying agents and help to flush out bacteria present in the colon.
  8. Avoid heavy foods and incorporate more of fruits and vegetables to your daily diet.
  9. Try taking peppermint tea, best for indigestion, bloating and acidity.

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