I always sweat a lot in my genital area and i have to wear panty protectors every day, what do I do?

  1. Sweating in the genital area is very common as the skin is folded and does not get enough ventilation. While we work during the day, it’s natural that we perspire. Some people sweat more and some people do less. The skin of exposed or well ventilated area dries fast but the skin in the folded parts remains moist. This can also give birth to fungus due to bacteria or vaginal infection. Itching, dryness or burning sensation may also occur in those areas. Excessive vaginal sweating also increases the vaginal odor.
  2. To lessen sweating, change your panty as soon as you start feeling uncomfortable due to wetness or itching.
  3. Use cotton panties and panty protectors as the synthetic ones increase perspiration and bruise the skin. This may lead to infection.
  4. Whenever you go to the toilet, wash the genital area with water. Use mild soap to cleanse it and then pat it dry with a soft cotton cloth. Dust the area with powder and do not wear panty for the night.
  5. Always wear cotton nightwear and avoid tight under clothes. This will help letting the skin breathe and lessen sweating.
  6. Apply cornstarch to control moisture and odor temporarily.
  7. Avoid sugar, coffee and alcohol as they may increase sweating.
  8. Keep away from being in excessive heat and bathe as many times as you want to. But remember to always keep your skin dry.

answered by D D

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