Natural cures for hyper pigmentation

Can you suggest a home remedy for pigmentation and also the duration i have to use it

Hyperpigmentation basically refers to the darkening of one’s skin. It appears in the form of black or brown patches of skin. Most people try to get rid of these signs and symptoms of hyperpigmentation through various options such as topical medications, light and laser therapy as well as certain resurfacing procedures. There are various causes of hyperpigmentation which may range from over exposure of the skin to the sun, hormonal or genetic factors, medications and even pregnancy. In many individual there are multiple causes of hyperpigmentation. Typically an existing case of hyperpigmentation is known to get worsened by continuous  exposure to the skin on account of improper or inadequate sun protection. Some of the symptoms of hyperpigmentation are observed in the form of dark spots or patches of skin either in certain parts of the body or mostly over a general area of the skin. Symptoms of hyperpigmentation also include darkening of moles or birthmarks when they are exposed to sunlight and hence appear even darker in the summer. Some of the other causes of hyperpigmentation also include the usage of birth control pills, advancing age, childbirth, hormonal therapy and so on. The pregnancy hormone is also known to be one of the causes of hyperpigmentation.

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How can I protect my skin against hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition which basically involves the darkening of ones skin on account of an increase in the pigment known as melanin. One of the hyperpigmentation solutions is to ensure that you use sunscreen that has a high sun protection factor. Similarly, to prevent hyperpigmentation one should also ensure that they minimize or avoid the use of artificial lights via laser therapy or tanning beds. In some cases to prevent hyperpigmentatin one should also check if the medications or the birth control pills that they are use are resulting in dark patches of skin. One of the natural treatments to protect the skin against hyperpigmentation is to massage some cocoa butter on the skin at least twice a day as this will keep the skin supple and blemish free. Similarly for those who have already been affected by hyperpigmentation and want to prevent hyperpigmentation in the future, apply some raw potato juice on the affected areas of skin. Home remedies for hyperpigmentation also include mixing some fresh lime juice and honey and applying this mixture on ones skin for ten minutes at a time. In some cases one may also opt for treatments such as chemical peels and microdermabrasions for hyperpigmentation.

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One of the best natural cures for hyper pigmentation is a mixture of equal parts of honey and lemon juice. This mixture should be applied on the affected skin for at least 10 minutes everyday and then washed off. Lemon has natural antioxidant properties which help in treating radical damage to the skin cells while honey acts like a natural moisturizer for the skin. Raw potato juice can also be used as one of the home remedies for skin pigmentation. Potatoes are rich in starch and have mild bleaching properties which can help in lightening the skin. Raw potato juice should be applied on the affected parts once everyday for at least 10 consecutive days for good results. One of the other natural cures for hyper pigmentation is cocoa butter. Cocoa butter can be used to massage the affected area one or two times a day for at least 2-3 weeks. Cocoa butter is not only a good moisturizer but also a natural antioxidant which helps in breaking scar tissues and improves blood circulation thereby treating hyper pigmentation. Avocado juice can also be applied once a day to the affected skin area as one of the effective home remedies for skin pigmentation.

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