What is a natural cure for Gout?

Gout may be defined as a disease that results in inflammation of the joints. The prime cause of the gout is the deposition of crystals of uric acid on the joints, leading to soreness, pain, and a burning sensation. Gout may affect multiple joints at a time, particularly the toes, wrists, and knees. Men and post-menopausal women are more prone to gout than other people. Some of the natural gout remedies are listed as under :

  • Intake of an apple after every meal helps relieve the condition; the malic acid content of apple neutralizes the uric acid, thereby ameliorating the disease.
  • You can consume a mocktail of the juices of carrot, beet, and cucumber, on account of antioxidant content of the constituents of the juice.
  • Another remedy for natural gout cure is to consume juice of French beans.
  • You can also eat cherries to treat the inflammation and pain of gout; cherry helps relieve the condition on account of its antioxidant (anthocynanin) content.
  • You can also go on an all-banana diet for three to four days in order to alleviate the affliction.
  • Intake of lemon juice also helps relieve the symptoms of gout.

In case the pain is severe and persistent, it is best to consult a doctor.

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What causes gout in the foot?

Gout is a disease of the bones, which causes severe pain and inflammation in the joints. The disease predominantly afflicts the toe joints, and as such, is sometimes referred to as 'feet disease'. The prime causes of gout in the feet are as under:

  • One of the major causes of gout is intake of red meat, internal organs, oily fish, and other high-protein (high-purine) substances. Also, the intake of alcohol makes you susceptible to gout.
  • Gout may also be a genetic disorder that is inherited.
  • Patients of diabetes and high blood pressure are also prone to gout.
  • The intake of certain medications also causes gout.
  • Men in early ages and women is post-menopausal phases are also prone to gout.

Some of the home remedies for the treatment of gout in the foot are as under:

  • Intake of safflower seeds is an effective remedy to treat gout as it enhances blood circulation and detoxifies the body, thereby relieving gout pain and inflammation.
  • You can soak your feet in a ginger bath for 30 minutes. Add pieces of ginger to a tub of water and immerse your feet in it for a while. This will cause sweating and remove the excess uric acid, which is the prime cause of the disease.
  • You can prepare a paste of mustard and whole wheat powder and apply it on the toes, leave it overnight to treat gout in the feet.

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Which foods are to be avoid when you have gout?

Gout is a type of arthritis, which is primarily caused by deposition of uric acid crystals on the bones and joints. The condition is caused by intake of a diet rich in proteins (purines) and carbohydrates.

Some of the foods that trigger gout are listed as under:

  • Some of the purine-rich foods that cause gout are yeast, organ meat (kidneys and liver), fish roes, and sardines in oil, among others.
  • Foods high in fat content also lead to gout; such foods include cheese, butter, and foods with trans fats.
  • Foods that produce acid also cause gout; these include aerated drinks, white flour, sugar, chocolate, coffee, refined salt, vinegar, white rice, turkey, and lamb and goat, among others.

As such, dietary regulations are a must to treat and prevent the symptoms of gout. Some of the foods that may be consumed to manage the condition are berries, apples, bananas, celery, tofu, salmon, olive oil, and flax. You must consume a lot of fruit juices and vegetables as these foods are low in proteins and carbohydrate. The intake of water also helps flush out the excess uric acid from the body, preventing and treating gout. The recommended daily intake is eight to ten glasses.

If the condition persists and you have severe bouts of gout attacks, you must consult a doctor.

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How to prevent or avoid gout attacks?

Gout may be defined as inflammation of joints, caused by the deposition of uric acid on the joints. The major causes of gout are intake of a diet rich in proteins and carbohydrates and excessive alcohol. Other causes are hereditary factors, age and gender considerations, and certain medical conditions.

When it comes to preventing gout attacks, the best option is to follow a gout diet. The imperatives of gout diet are as under:

  • You may go on an all-fruit diet for three to four days every three months. This cleanses the system and removes impurities, including the causal agent for gout, which is uric acid. Some of the fruits that may be consumed to cure gout are apples, bananas, oranges, cherries, and lemons.
  • A diet to prevent gout is intended to reduce the intake of red and lean meat, eggs, oily fish, and internal organs of animals. The primary consideration is to avoid foods that are high in purines. Consult your doctor for a list of purine-rich foods. The intake of carbohydrates and starch should also be restricted in your daily diet.
  • You must avoid the intake of alcohol as it is one of the major causes of gout.

Other remedies that may be used to prevent gout attacks are the intake of safflower seeds, consumption of beet, cucumber, and carrot juice, soaking your feet in a ginger bath, and the application of a paste of mustard and whole wheat powder mixed in water on the afflicted areas.

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