Is consumption of peanuts bad for gout

Medical science has not shown any connection between the happenstance of gout and peanuts. Normally known as a “rich man’s disease”, gout is usually associated with plentiful and rich food. However, this is not strictly and always true. In a lot of cases, gout is inherited and it runs in families more often than not. It is typically impossible to have an attack of something like gout. It is a problem that usually stays in the body and does not really have any attacking type symptoms. It is entirely possible that you have gout, which is basically a distended or swollen joint, and the pain has attacked suddenly. This is not uncommon and it happens frequently as well. Most of the time, the first manifestation of gout is the great toe jutting out sideways. In a lot of cases, people who have a mild start up case of gout do not even realize it. It is merely perceived as the normal way the foot turns out when wearing high heels. If you have this sort of a joint distension of the great toe towards your other foot, you should get it checked for gout the very first time that you experience pain.

While peanuts are not related to gout in any way, it would be useful to watch what you are eating. Since gout may also be a type of arthritis in place, it would be advisable to stay away from foods that encourage uric acid to congregate in the joints, thus causing serious pain and other related problems as well. This would include mostly all foods that are sour and citric in nature. In many cases, red meat can also add to the collection and crystallization of uric acid crystals in the joints. The simple reason for this is that meat too contains uric acid, which only adds to the uric acid count in the body. Apart from this, pain can only be controlled by using powerful methods such as steroids that may sometimes also have to be injected. In any case, the only way to relax the ache in the joint is to massage it with warm mustard oil. This will help with the healing process and will also provide relief due to the massage. Keep in mind that the massage should be gentle and not vigorous, which may further cause problems. Make it a rule to stay away from wearing high heels as this will only aggravate your problem.

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