Non Drug Home Remedies for Hallucinations

Hallucinations are sensations created by the mind that appear to be real. They can affect any of the bodily senses and usually have an identifiable cause. Hallucinations may occur due to mental illness such as schizophrenia or also due to drug and alcohol intake. They can make you feel anxious and frightened, and its important to see your doctor to rule out any serious underlying condition.

Types of Hallucinations

Some common hallucinations include hearing sounds or voices, seeing light patterns or objects that are not there, smelling an odor or fragrance, feeling physical sensations such as a crawling feeling. Some hallucinations such as hearing or seeing a recently deceased loved one may be normal and part of the grieving process.

Common Causes

The most common causes of hallucinations include being on a drug or alcohol induced high, withdrawal from drugs or alcohol, dementia, narcolepsy, high fever especially in children and the elderly, migraines, mental disorders, epilepsy involving the temporal lobe of the brain, sensory problems and severe medical conditions such as brain cancer. Exhaustion or sleep deprivation may also trigger hallucinations, as one is unable to differentiate properly between periods of sleep and wakefulness. Medication for conditions such as depression, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease and psychosis may lead to hallucinations as a side effect. In some cases, elderly individuals who experience prolonged social isolation may experience hallucinations.


It is important to determine the underlying cause of hallucinations. This will help to rule out serious health complications and will also help to plan the appropriate course of treatment. In case of occasional or fleeting hallucinations due to short-term environmental triggers such as lack of sleep, meditation or tiredness, treatment may not be required. In case of mental disorders, the treatment includes psychiatric consultation and medication. In case of hallucinations caused by drugs, abstinence from the trigger is an important step. Some people may experience hallucinations due to high stress levels. In such cases, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and get proper sleep. Psychiatric hallucinations may be relieved through meditation or concentration exercises. Some homeopathic remedies may also be beneficial in treating hallucinations.

Hallucinations can create a sense of paranoia and nervousness and affect the quality of life significantly. Therefore symptoms related to hallucinations should always be brought to the attention of a doctor. It is advisable to use any type of treatment, medication or remedy only after consulting your doctor.



answered by A S

  1. Firstly treat this by counseling the patient show him or her the facts only. Be with the truth always. Do not under estimate them!
  2. One has to start concentration techniques. Meditate upon one point by staring at a black point 6 ft ahead and parallel to you .Sit and see it for 5-10 minutes till fully engrossed .One should stop as soon as eyes water.

answered by D M K

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