What are home remedies for someone addicted to harmful drugs ?

The ill effects of drug addiction are well documented and researched. The effects of the habit can be felt on different levels depending largely on the extent of addiction as well as substance that is abused. Drug addiction is a big problem in many parts of the world. After a period of substance abuse - addicts start to suffer from chronic anxiety, fatigue and depression, as well as the constant urge to use the substance to help alleviate the symptoms of a breakdown. Moreover, the effects of drug abuse are not restricted to the individual with the habit, but also affect the people who are close to the individual, such as their family and close friends. This is because they are able to notice a complete deterioration in the physical as well as mental attributes of the drug user. Some of the more well known effects of the addiction range from mild itching to comas and even, in cases of overdose - death. As a result, it is important for those individuals to be aware of the harmful effects of the substances that they are ingesting. The effects of natural drugs like marijuana are very different to the effects of chemical substances like crack and cocaine, which increase the likelihood of death from an overdose. Drug addictions can have a significant impact on the brain and affects brain chemistry that is vital in building up memories, making decisions as well as sharpness of reflexes and thought.

The best practices to help with the withdrawal syndrome of an addict will depend largely on the type of substance abused as well as the level of addiction. Since both alcohol and drug abuse increase the amount of free radicals within the body, antioxidants are highly recommended for their ability to destroy these tissue damaging radicals. Certain herbs like chamomile, skullcap and peppermint can influence the nervous system, helping it relax and reach a sedated state. Detoxification of your body with the help of herbs like milk thistle will help prevent any drug induced damage to important organs like the liver. The biggest problem in fighting a drug addiction is that by the time an individual has realized that they are addicts; they have already reached a level of addiction where the habit has almost taken over their entire lives. An addict should also significantly increase the intake of unrefined complex carbohydrates, including fresh vegetables and whole grains. Avoid sugars of any kind, including those contained in fruit juices and corn syrup.

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Natural treatment for drug addiction -

  1. Tell him/her to do Pranayam in Yog and mind control exercises .
  2. Give 2 tsf's of honey as a tonic 2 times a day .
  3. Give a drink made from 5 black pepper seeds and 5 cinnamon sticks {boil the mixture in 4 cups till reduced to 1 cup }with 2 pinches of ginger powder once bed time daily.

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