How do i get my voice back?

People are known to lose their voice on account of strained vocal cords that tend to get inflamed either because of overuse, irritants and allergens. Loss of voice could also result from an infection of the upper respiratory tract or even because of an irritation caused by acids that are known to originate from one stomach. A natural loss of voice treatment is to try and soothe ones strained vocal cords by a steam inhalation or even go for a hot shower. Another one of the loss of voice remedies is to try and keep the throat moist as far as possible by chewing on some gum or even sucking on lozenges.

One of the natural loss of voice remedies is to restrict the intake of caffeine which is known to be found in tea, cola drinks and coffee as they are known to have a dehydrating effect which irritates the vocal cords further. Similarly as part of the loss of voice treatment one should also completely stop the intake of alcohol which is also known to have a long term adverse effects on the vocal cords. Loss of voice remedies that can be practiced at home also include the use of a humidifier which help in making the room conditions favorable for the throat.

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What causes loss of voice?

Suffering from a loss of voice is a problem that you are likely to experience once in a way, although rather rarely. The most common of all loss of voice causes is the over exertion of the larynx, also known as the voice box. Shouting out loud for a long period of time is likely to see you affected by a sore throat the next morning that result in the loss of voice. There are a number of other factors that could also cause the loss of voice such as infection and an allergic reaction. The loss of voice symptoms would help to point out the causes of the condition whether it is a result of an infection or some other factor. This would help to determine the treatment options one could resort to in order to treat the condition.

In the event that the condition is caused by an infection, you might want to consult a doctor about the best mode of treatment. However, should you choose to use some, there are also a number of home remedy treatments that will subdue the condition considerably. For instance, you can drink a cup of warm ginger tea, with a couple of drops of honey for taste or you could also add a pinch of black pepper to a glass of warm milk and drink this concoction twice a day.

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How to treat loss of voice?

The sound of a voice is produced by the vibrations of vocal cords that are located in the throat. When air passes over these cords, a sound is produced. Loss of voice occurs when there is some infection that has damaged the vocal cords. Voice loss may also occur as a result of excessive screaming and shouting which can also cause damage to the cords. This damage is usually not permanent and will heal over a period of days. There are numerous different options for hoarse voice treatment that can be used to recover the voice faster.

One of the best hoarse voice treatment options is to drink warm fluids as this provides some amount of relief to the irritated throat. One can also gargle with salt water to remove some of the infection from the throat. There are various lozenges and syrups that can be consumed to cure the infection that has affected the throat. One should also refrain from speaking or shouting as much as possible during the recovery phase from a hoarse voice. One may also try various herbal teas to help boost the recovery speed of the body. Green tea and ginger tea are two good options for someone with a hoarse voice.

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How to prevent loss of voice?

Laryngitis is a condition that affects the larynx, also known as the voice box, resulting in a loss of one's voice. This could cause considerable inconvenience to the person as it will pose a problem in communication as well as comfort. Preventing laryngitis will depend on understanding the various factors that cause it. For instance, one of the most common causing factors is the excessive use of the voice box. Screaming at loud volumes for a lengthened period of time would cause your larynx get sore after a while. This could also happen the next morning. Besides this there are also other infections and some underlying medical conditions that are also known to cause the complications.

Getting rid of laryngitis will depend heavily on what the causing factors are and, in the event of an infection it is highly likely that you will need to resort to the administration of medication to fight the infection. However, if it is simply a case of a sore throat that has resulted from exertion, you could try drinking a cup of warm ginger tea with a couple of drops of honey mixed in for taste. Another option is to simply add a pinch of black pepper to a glass of warm milk and drink the concoction twice a day till you get your voice back.

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Treatment for loss of voice-

  1. You may be suffering from acute throat infection that is laryngitis due to various infective sources.
  2. Gargle with eucalyptus oil and salt water.
  3. Take a homeopathic remedy called Causticun 30 5 pills 2 times daily for 10 days.
  4. Follow up with a higher potency of the same medicine as mentioned above in point 3 Causticun 200 5 pills once daily for 3 days.

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