What are some foods that are high in potassium?

Foods with high potassium content include – poultry, meats, fish, soy flour, fresh apricots, banana, honeydew, cantaloupe, tomato puree, kiwi, coconut water, wheat bran, sultanas, raisins and all bran.

Foods with moderate potassium content include – figs, wheat germ, currants sultana bran, unsalted nuts, baked or roasted potato, broccoli, carrot, beets, corn, eggplant, peach, pear, boiled soy beans and boiled plantain.

Foods with low potassium content include – muesli, veal and whole wheat pasta, apples, cabbage, cucumber, cranberries, grapes, mushrooms, pineapple and peaches.

answered by S P

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