Are you aware of a natural remedy for chocolate addiction?

No remedy will work unless you have sheer willpower to stop eating chocolates. Chocolate addiction can be overcome by avoiding using chocolate as a crutch during stress, frustration, boredom, anxiety etc. and instead focusing on some self-help tips (it cannot get more natural) which include:

  • Stop buying chocolate or keep the supply really low.
  • Find a substitute which is not only an energy booster, but is also healthy. Stack on healthier food like fruits which are natural sweets. Also have more of proteins, grains, vegetables, nuts and seeds.
  • Increase water intake.
  • Tell family and friends about your attempt to overcome chocolate addiction. Most will willingly help by not helping themselves to chocolate in front of you.
  • Don’t totally deny yourself chocolate; just gradually wean away by reducing the amount and by having smaller portions. Break a chocolate serving and put away one half for another day.
  • Have some mint or cinnamon based gum after a chocolate serving. This may help get rid of the chocolate taste and may prevent you from having one more serving.
  • Avoid visiting supermarket confectionery aisles.
  • Try aromatherapy as an energy booster. Remember not to choose chocolate scents.
  • When bored, look for something else to do, like going for a walk, calling a friend, doing some household chores; basically just take your mind off chocolate.
  • Try cooking different foods like Thai, Indian, Italian or anything else. You may just end up finding a new favorite in these new foods.
  • Get a teeth polish or a whitening treatment. The fear of ruining recently treated teeth may deter you from having chocolate.
  • When buying chocolates, buy bars with 80% cocoa chocolate, as these bars contain lesser sugar.
  • Exercise regularly to burn off calories.
A combination of the above self-help treatments may be required to overcome addiction.

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answered by G R

Will power.

or get bad tasting chocolate, Once my father poured tobasco sauce on our backdoor because the dog would chew at it.

try infusing things to the chocolate, (nothing that will make you sick)

that will make it taste nasty. Eat that combination daily, then out of habit you might start associating the chocolate with that nasty flavor.


answered by P

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