Is there something in my home I can use as an insect repellant?

Although insect bites need not need a medical attention, the scars, swellings and pain which they leave are often irritating. Try these home remedies to draw these insects away -

  • Close windows and doors during the period of sunset which is the most common time for insects to drive in our homes.
  • Insects linger around the light which is on. Tie a piece of raw onion on the light; this will help to keep them off. This can be used effectively as insect repellant.
  • Apply strong smelling Vicks on your skin, this will also act as a repellent and help to keep the pests away from you.
  • Some insect bites like mosquito bites can spread disease. It is wise to clean the area of bite to avoid spreading of infections.

answered by S P

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