I have a very sensitive skin; any insect bite turns into a sore and leaves black scars all over my body. Please tell me how I can get rid of the scars quickly?

Home Cures for Insect Bites Marks

As you have rightly pointed out, scarring is a very embarrassing and traumatic experience, especially if you have such sensitive skin. However, you should remember that quite often, scarring is permanent. Hence, while you might not be able to prevent the scar altogether, you might be able do a number of things to lighten them. In addition, if you eat the right foods during your healing period, you could try and prevent the scars from forming. For example, by eating foods that have high vitamin C content, you could heal the wound much faster than normal and wounds that heal quickly are less likely to leave scars. You could also try foods that are rich in zinc to promote quick healing.

You should ensure that you apply lots of aloe vera gel on your scars while they are healing to prevent scarring. Use lemon juice, the best natural bleach, to make your scars lighter. You can also use lavender essential oil for the same purpose. Keeping the area of the scar well moisturized is also good way to make the scar fade. If your scars do not lighten with these remedies and the scars are causing you great mental trauma, it is recommended that you see a specialist, perhaps a plastic surgeon, to consider surgery as an option for permanent scar removal.

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