What can I put on a spider bite that has swollen very big and hurts to the touch?

Insect bite treatment

Unless you are able to identify the species of the spider that bit you, you should always visit your doctor for treatment. Most spiders are entirely harmless, and even ones that do bite usually leave you with only mild swelling and pain or itching. However, the bites of some species can be deadly, requiring hospitalization and sometimes resulting in death or permanent damage to the bitten limb.

For most bites though, you can choose from several simple and effective home remedies. The first step is to immediately clean the bite by washing it with soap and water. Immediately after this, apply an ice pack to the area. You can do this once every hour for at least the first four to six hours, and after that, whenever you feel the need. Wash the bite regularly as well. Apart from this, you can apply a home made paste several times a day.

One traditional remedy is baking powder mixed with water or butter. You can also create a mixture of turmeric and olive oil. Keep the paste on the bite for half an hour and then wash it off. Between applications of the paste, you can also rub a clove of garlic on the bite. If you see no improvement after three days, or if you develop other symptoms such as fever or a skin infection, promptly visit your doctor.

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