Drain a boil, due to ingrown hair at home

A boil is the collection of pus enclosed by a film of inflamed tissue present on the skin. Boils could be caused due to various reasons - clogged sweat glands, ingrown hair, or due to a foreign object lodged in the skin. Boils can be treated with home remedies or with medicines. You can cure boils by using antibacterial or antiseptic soaps or by cleaning and drying it regularly with hot water.

Home Remedies for Boils

  • Warm a betel leaf until it softens. Spread castor oil on the leaf and place it on the boil. Keep following this throughout the day by replacing the leaf every few hours; this will help to rupture the boil and make draining it easier.
  • On an empty stomach drink a cup of fresh bitter gourd juice with a teaspoon of lime to get rid of a boil.
  • Grind cumin seeds to form a paste, and apply this mixture on the boil to alleviate symptoms.
  • Application of garlic juice externally helps the boil ripen and break, after which draining out the pus becomes easier.
  • Alternate between a hot and cold compress. First place a hot compress on the boil for five minutes, followed by a cold compress for half a minute to a minute. Follow this as many times a day as you possibly can. This will help decrease the swelling and at the same time, help the boil rupture.
  • Make a paste with a teaspoon of milk cream with a pinch of turmeric and half a teaspoon of vinegar. Applying this helps the boil burst and heal without it getting septic.
  • Application of an onion externally helps the boil ripen and break.
  • Boil parsley leaves in water till they turn into a mushy consistency. While still hot, wrap the parsley in a linen cloth or clean muslin and place it on the boil.
  • After having a shower apply a drop of tea tree oil on the pus-filled boil till it heals. Tea tree oil helps kill bacteria, contains natural antiseptic properties, and clears the pores and follicles while the skin is healing.
  • Applying turmeric powder helps the boil ripen naturally.
  • Drinking vegetable juice twice a day should help you as your liver gets stimulated and leads to the toxins in your system being eliminated faster. When the body gets rid of the toxins, the boil tends to decrease in size.
  • Eat foods that are rich in Vitamin A and zinc content. Fruits and vegetables that you can eat are carrots, squash and yams. Vitamin A and zinc help your skin to heal while providing you a reprieve from boil symptoms by decreasing the pressure on the pus pockets.
If home remedies do not work, your physician may ask you to take antibiotics. This will help cure the boil and kill the bacteria causing the infection and swelling. Follow the full course properly for best results.


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answered by G R

Let the boil burst on its own after it is ready. Squeezing the boil means more pain and a mark leaving on that area.

To avoid ingrown hair and a boil to become septic and ripen faster try these home remedies -

  • Boil parsley in water for 10 minutes, then wrap in a muslin cloth and when warm apply on the boil. The combination of heat and parsley will help baby fight with the boil.
  • Add little vinegar and a pinch of turmeric powder to milk cream and apply on the affected area.
  • Pluck the ingrown hair very carefully with the help of a sterilized tweezer, not hurting the skin. using a razor instead of waxing would also help to deal with this problem.

answered by S P

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