Is it ok to take dandelion after removal of gall bladder?

Yes, dandelion is often used for treatment of gall bladder problems. It will have lesser side effects and can be very beneficial for you. Some other things you can take are milk thistle, chamomile, and agrimony. These herbs are very beneficial for your health and take special care of the liver. It is always important to drink plenty of water when recovering from a surgery. Dandelion is best taken either as a capsule or a tea, although can be eaten raw in a salad and is actually very tasty! Dandelion is also beneficial for arthritis, poor liver function, and water retention. While dandelion has long been considered a weed and is the bane of every suburban gardener's existence, it is also one of the most helpful and widely used herbs in the world. Another way to get your dose of dandelion is by making a hot drink out of the roots if toasted dry in the oven. This makes a drink that is very much like coffee, in fact, this drink was used as a coffee replacement for pioneers who ran out of coffee as dandelions are in fairly good supply most places one would wish to travel. They are used extensively as a green vegetable like lettuce in Germany and France.

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