How can you help breast pain?

Breast pain:-Pain in the breast is mainly hormonal .It may be even due to trauma of varied types.There can be lump or nodule formation or fibroids are common.One is advised to do Pranayam in yog.Especially Kapalbhaati and anulom vilom.Kapalbhaati is done by exaling forcefully pushing the diappragm inside rapidly till all air is out like when we blow out to clean the stuffed nose.In his way breathing is done for 10 minutes.The next is Anulom vilom .Here we keep right hand thumb on right nostrils close them tight.Keep left open and breath through it Inhalation.Then close the left with ring and middle finger tight on the left nostril open the right and exale (breath out).Do this in synchronized patten.Like wise now take from this inhale from right opened nostril and exale through the left  do this for 10minutes .

Dr Murtaza

answered by D M K

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