I've been experiencing a sore jaw on the left side of my face. It is almost right where my ear meets my jaw. The soreness increases when I bite down hard?

In human beings the jaw structure is designed to help with the process of chewing and talking. The top part of the mouth is fixed with the upper row of teeth. The jaw itself is hinged on both sides of the face and is a curved arch shape when seen from the top or bottom. On both sides of the mouth, there are muscles which help the jaw close and open. These muscles are particularly useful during chewing as they help the jaw develop a strong bite which is capable of tearing foods apart.

There are many reasons for sore jaw joints and muscles. Some people have a habit of sleeping on one side. This can cause the jaw develop pain and is a particular cause for sore jaw in the morning. An individual biting into a hard unbreakable item may be another cause for sore jaw joint and muscles. This is a common problem when eating meats that have bones in them. If the bone is chewed on one side, it can cause pain to develop there. Jaw pain can also be caused by an injury such as a punch received on the side of the face. In some cases, the injury may be minor and may not even be noticed. However, over the next few days, the jaw will feel sore.

There are some simple home treatments for sore jaws. The joints for the jaw are located at either side of the face where the bottoms of the ear lobes are connected. This area should be gently massaged so help ease the pain. A gentle massage on the face will improve blood circulation and this can help reduce muscle tension. During the gentle massage, the patient should move the jaw slightly so that some flexibility returns to the muscle. Another way of reducing muscle tension is the application of a hot compress. The heat will cause blood circulation to increase because the body tries to cool the heated skin. This improves the circulation to the muscle and can cause it to relax. Furthermore, the heat also soothes the joint pain and can be useful for immediate relief if the pain is severe. In rare cases, jaw pain can be caused by an inflammation in the jaw joint. If the pain is unexplained and lasts for a long period of time, the patient should visit a doctor for an immediate consultation. For all other types of jaw pain, simple massage and heat is adequate.

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I have been having a very sore jaw too. yes, it started on the left side but now has configured its way to the right side also. plus it has started to affect my ear. meaning that i have had ear pains mostly where the jaw and ear meet!!! just like you. so what I have figured out that helps me is warm compressess at the affected area. I hope this helps you!

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