Is there any remedy available to cure urethral stricture?

This is a very difficult thing to cure, even with surgery, which is the most common treatment used. The natural remedies available for this narrowing of the urethra are effective, but you have to stick to it!

  1. Drink plenty of water, it is probably uncomfortable to urinate, but this is very important to help keep things moving through and to prevent other problems.
  2. Start taking saw palmetto. This herb is very effective in treating all kinds of urinary and prostate disorders.
  3. Taking several capsules of dandelion will also be helpful in breaking down the blockage so that it can be passed.
  4. Drink cranberry juice or take cranberry capsules. This is very important to balance the PH of your urinary tract, this will help to remove the blockage.

If your symptoms persist, you can visit your natural health specialist for a special blend of herbs that will completely dissolve the blockage. It may be slightly painful to pass the blockage, but at least then you will be free of the problem. After you have removed the blockage, it is important to drink plenty of clean water to keep your urinary tract health and to dilute the strength of the urine so that new blockages do not occur.

answered by R P

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