If my 2 year old daughter is coughing and wheezing what should I do

Wheezing and coughing in toddlers is a definite sign of respiratory infections or ailments. While this may be caused by a minor bacterial infection, it could also be caused by asthma or other similar respiratory disorders. You can use a few home remedies for coughing and wheezing but if her condition does not improve within 5 days, make sure that you take your daughter to the doctor.

Home remedies for a respiratory infection includes getting rid of the infection, strengthening the immune system, and reducing the severity of the symptoms. In order to get rid of the infection, you can use ginger, garlic, and onions. These ingredients have very strong anti-biotic properties and will help your daughter to fight off the infection. You can prepare a sweet ginger honey tonic which your daughter will actually enjoy having. With small children, it is important to try and include foods and tonics that taste good as they are generally a little fussy at this age. You can prepare the ginger honey tonic by cleaning a piece of ginger and chopping it up fine and then blending it along with a few spoons of honey. Make sure that you do not use raw honey in this tonic as this can cause a condition known as botulism in infants and toddlers. Processed honey has a lower nutritive value as compared to raw honey but in this case, it is a better option. Garlic has a very strong taste and flavor and so your daughter may not be willing to have it plain. It is best to add a few cloves of garlic while preparing her meals as this is an easy way to disguise the smell and flavor. You can also make a sweet tonic out of onions and sugar that is very effective in treating a variety of respiratory problems. Chop an onion and add a little sugar to it. Allow this to stand undisturbed for about 20 minutes. After that you can drain the liquid and give it to your daughter as a sweet cough syrup.

To strengthen her immune system, you can give your daughter plenty of warm homemade soups and broths. Skinless chicken broth is rich in proteins and will help to build up her immune system. To relieve the congestion, you can sit in your bathroom with the hot water running as the steam will help to loosen up any hardened mucus.

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