How Do You Treat Itchy Skin Rash

Itches can be defined as red patches or bumps on the skin, which may occur on any part of the body. The rashes may be painless, but sometimes rashes are itchy. Also, a rash can be a raised itchy rash or flattened rash. There are various causes of itchy skin rashes, some of which are allergic reactions, skin inflammations, infestation by mites, and viral infections, among others.

The symptoms of itchy skin rashes are itching of the rash, reddened patch on the skin, inflammation, and sometimes pain. Itchy skin rashes can lead to immense discomfort. Also, skin rashes hinder the physical appearance. Some of the home remedies for itchy rash treatment are listed as under.

  • One of the beneficial itchy skin rash remedies is to apply calcium water on the rash. You can prepare calcium water by mixing calcium gluconate in water.
  • An effective remedy for itchy red rash on back is to apply chamomile tea on the affected area.
  • If you are suffering from red itchy rash all over the body, an oatmeal bath is an effective remedy. You can soak uncooked oatmeal in bath water to relieve itchy red rashes. It is also an effective remedy for raised itchy rashes on the back.  
  • Another effective remedy to relieve itchy red rashes on body is to apply olive oil to soothe the inflammation. In order to relieve raised itchy rashes on the abdomen, you can apply cod liver oil.
  • Another effective remedy to relieve itchy skin rashes is to apply aloe vera gel, which serves to relieve itching and inflammation.
  • One of the causes of skin rashes is dry weather, which steals moisture from skin, and excessive dryness causes rashes. You can apply vitamin E oil to treat itchy skin rashes in winter.
  • You must consume a lot of vitamin C-rich foods, which helps remove toxins from the body, thereby preventing and treating skin rashes.
  • If you have raised itchy rashes on the arms, this is an indication of exposure of hands to harsh chemicals. As such, a remedy for itchy red rashes on hands is to avoid using harsh soaps and avoid washing your hands frequently.
  • You should consume a lot of water to hydrate your body, thereby preventing dryness of the skin, one of the prime causes of skin rashes.
  • You can also consume green tea, which is a rich source of antioxidants. Antioxidants help cleanse the body, thereby preventing and treating skin rashes.
  • You should avoid hot water bath while suffering from itchy skin rashes. One of the effective remedies to cure an itchy rash on the legs is to use cold compresses or ice. This will reduce inflammation and help relieve itching.
  • You are advised not to use perfumes and other cosmetics if you are suffering from skin rashes. Scents and cosmetics are generally high on harsh chemicals, which may aggravate skin rashes.
  • An effective remedy to cure itchy rash on neck is to apply a paste of baking soda and water. This mixture should not be used on sensitive body parts like the face. Also, it should not be used to treat itchy skin rashes in children.
  • When you have skin rashes, you must mot expose yourself to harsh UV rays. As one of the causes of itchy skin rashes is heat and dryness, you must not go out in sun. Also, while going out in sun, you must drink a glass of lemon juice and salt in water to prevent dehydration.
  • Application of honey helps relieve itchy red rashes on the face. Honey serves to hydrate the skin, thereby moisturizing it, preventing itchy rashes.
If the rashes persist for long and cause immense inflammation and itching, you must consult a dermatologist.

answered by G M

Itchy rash can be due to many reason, it is a symptom and not a condition itself. So before guiding you for any home remedies it is very important to know the exact cause for your itchy rash. However you can use cold compresses to reduce the itch and inflammation – put some ice cubes in a plastic bag or wrap them in a towel and apply it on the rash area.

answered by S P

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