How do I remove liquid nail from skin?

Liquid Nails is a revolutionary adhesive used for construction purposes. Developed in the 60s, Liquid Nails is now used by professionals and home carpenters the world over. Available at any hardware store, lumberyard or home center, Liquid Nails is used to stick together any type of object. From bricks to boards, metal to wood – Liquid Nails promises to bond the two for life. The dry time of this type of strong adhesive is extremely fast. In a matter of minutes, the product hardens and seals a variety of surfaces together. This is why extra care has to be taken when handling the product.

The problem that then arises is what happens when you get Liquid Nail on your hands or skin? Designed to ensure lasting adhesiveness, its no surprise that removing Liquid Nails from your skin is not an easy task.

The main thing to remember when trying to get Liquid Nails off your hands is to proceed carefully. The first step is to identify what type of Liquid Nail has been used. Is the product solvent or latex-based? If the Liquid Nail used is solvent-based, try the following to get the product off your skin:

  • Rub a small amount of petroleum jelly or mineral oil onto the affected area of the skin. This will soften the product and lessen its adhesive properties. Wipe the area with a clean soft cloth. Repeat this process until the Liquid Nail disappears from the skin. This may take several applications so don’t worry.
  • If Liquid Nails has fallen on your clothes, remove the clothing and wash well before using again. If the product is not removed, do not use the contaminated clothing again.
  • In case the Liquid Nail product is latex-based simply wash the area of the skin with warm water and soap.
  • In case of a medical emergency, get to an emergency room at the earliest. Ingestion of Liquid Nails or prolonged inhalation requires immediate medical treatment as well. The company offers this service around the clock, seven days a week.

answered by G R

Be patient. Let them dry it will come off on its own eventually. Try to peel them off slowly little at a time. Don't rub excessively as it will hurt your skin. Take little acetone in a cotton ball and rub lightly on the affected area. This will help to remove liquid nails from your skin.

answered by S P

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