For what ailments is hydrogen peroxide used?

Hydrogen peroxide helps disinfecting wounds

answered by b

  1. Age spots and freckles
  2. Arthritis pain,sore muscles and joints and rheumatism
  3. Astringent for acne or other skin problems
  4. Althletes foot fungus and sore feet
  5. Bath soak to relax and ease aches
  6. Denture soak
  7. Fight gigivitis and whitenteeth
  8. Fingernail cleaner
  9. Insect bites and stings
  10. Cuts,abrasions,rashes, minor burns and topical fungus infections
  11. Mouthwash and sore throat gargle

answered by L C S

cuts,mouth wash for infected gums, many more--

answered by J

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