How do you get rid of pubic lice with a home remedy

Also known as crabs, pubic lice are six legged creatures that will commonly infest the hair in the pubic area as well as hair in other parts of the body. Pubic lice treatment is important because of the fact that they can be easily transmitted from one person to another through sexual intercourse. Moreover, the fact that it is possible to be infected and yet show no symptoms means that some individuals may not even be aware of the fact that they are affected. Some of the more prominent pubic lice symptoms include intense itching around the pubic area - which tends to worsen during the night as the lice become more active and bury their heads into the follicles of the pubic hair in order to feed on the victim's blood. As a result of the continuous and intense itching and scratching, the area is likely to turn raw and lead to the development of some other bacterial infection. Since lice are unable to jump or fly, the only way for them to possibly travel from one host to another is through intimate contact or through contact with contaminated belongings such as towels, clothing or bed sheets. Thus taking adequate precaution would help in effective public lice treatment. However besides this there are a number of public lice home remedy options to help cure the problem.

The use of these home remedy options are very popular because the condition is known to cause a lot of embarrassment in individuals and they do not wish to discuss it openly. Head lice and pubic lice treatment is very much the same and can be accomplished by simply washing the affected region with the help of vinegar over a period of two days. Treating public lice with vinegar is known to be very effective and beneficial. The acidic properties of the vinegar will kill all nits as well as destroy any eggs present within this timeline. Another option is to apply some amount of coconut oil the shampoo and conditioner that you apply after washing your head and other affected parts of the skin on a regular basis. Pubic lice treatment can also be accomplished by adding between ten to fifteen drops of tea tree oil into a shampoo bottle and using it on the affected region on a regular basis. There are no over the counter, non prescription medicines that will help treat the problem. The primary method of doing so is to ensure proper hygiene as well as avoiding multiple sex partners as there is always the increased likelihood that one of the could infect you.

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