Can lime cause a allergic reaction that cause your lip to swell?

Swollen lips can occur for a number of reasons. Lips may mainly swell up due to allergies from certain food substances or from insect bites, stings and so on. Treatment for swollen lips depends on the cause of the swollen lip. If the lips are swollen and accompanied by redness and itching it may be due to an allergic reactions. Given below are some tips for treatment for swollen lips.

  1. Cold or hot treatments: Apply an ice pack to your lips several times, throughout the day. If the swelling does not come down by the next day, try using a hot compress instead. The hot compress will help to distribute the blood accumulated in the area and thereby reduce the swelling.
  2. Tea Bags: Immerse a tea bag in warm water for a few minutes. Take the tea bag out of the water and allow it to cool down. Then place the tea bag on your swollen lips for a few minutes. This is also considered effective treatment for swollen lips as it helps reduce the swelling.
  3. Fuller's Earth: Add a teaspoon of turmeric to Fuller's Earth and then mix it with water. Apply this paste to the swollen lips and let it dry. Remove it by brushing it off your lips. Fuller's Earth has cooling properties and will also help with removing the inflammation.
  4. Swollen lips allergy can be treated by identifying the food responsible for the allergy. Avoid eating those foods in future. Antihistamines prescribed the doctor would be the treatment for swollen lips in this case.
  5. Poultice: Make a poultice out of regular flour, rose water and one strand of saffron. Knead this well and apply it onto your lips. This is also effective treatment for any sores that are on the swollen lips too.

Swollen lips symptoms include blisters or sores on the lips, the lips may be cracked, scaly and red in color. People whose lips suddenly swell up may even have a problem in opening them, due to the excessive swelling. Causes of swollen lips are:-

  • Due to allergic reactions in the body or allergies in the environment.
  • Certain drugs and medications like some antibiotics.
  • Medical conditions like hives, eczema, Crohn's disease, psoriasis and so on could also give rise to this problem.
  • Deficiency of Vitamin B has been known to cause swelling on the corners of the lips.
  • Any injury or trauma to the lips
  • Lip herpes

The condition usually heals on its own, however medical attention may be required if you don't seem to get relief using home remedies.

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