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The vitiligo skin disorder is a skin abnormality which is characterized by white patches on face, the arms, legs and other parts of the body. One of the primary vitiligo causes are dysfunctional melanin cells. The vitiligo skin disorder tends to equally affect both men and women however it tends to be more noticeable in people who are dark.

The white patches on face and other parts of the body may vary in size from a large skin area to a minor spot. One of the vitiligo causes may also be on account of the disease being hereditary. In some cases the vitiligo skin disorder may also be experienced on account of high levels of stress that tend to affect the immune system of the individual adversely. A vitiligo natural treatment would involve encouraging the skin to commence re-pigmentation by taking in small amounts of sunlight on a daily basis. However one should be careful not to overdo this as the white patches of skin are prone to sunburn and hence could get damaged seriously. Another natural treatment for vitiligo is to mix equal quantities of duckweed or lemna minor with some honey and consume this mixture on a daily basis at least twice a day. Similarly, home remedies for vitiligo also include rubbing some fresh lemon juice directly on the white spots on different parts of the body at least 3-4 times a day.

Vitiligo natural treatment also includes modifying ones diet to include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as nuts and pulses thereby constituting a healthy and balanced diet. One should also try and get as much rest and possible and minimize ones levels of stress. Similarly vitiligo can also be treated naturally by quitting smoking and consuming alcohol as this will help detoxify your system which is beneficial in treating vitiligo. One may also incorporate vitamin C and vitamin B complex in ones daily diet as a vitiligo natural treatment. In addition to the white patches on face and various parts of the body, vitiligo skin disorder is also characterized by premature graying of one's eyebrows, eyelashes, beard and scalp hair. In some cases, dark skinned people may also notice a loss of color in the inner portion of their mouths. Vitiligo tends to appear in a focal pattern which is restricted to just a few areas of the body or the segmental pattern which result in white skin patches on just one side of the body or finally the generalized pattern.

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