I am 16yrs old and suffering from leucoderma since 7 yrs I am suffering from thyroid. My grandmother also had leucoderma. Please help me.

In order to cure hypothyroidism, the best course to follow would be to see a doctor who would examine your condition closely, perform tests to see the extent of the problem and then detail treatment accordingly. Please do remember that hypothyroidism is not something that can be treated with home remedies alone. It can also be a problem that may possibly require lifelong treatment, although this is not always the case. Loosely translated as a slowing down of your metabolic rate due to the malfunction of the thyroid gland, this problem can be helped along by making certain changes in your lifestyle and diet as well.

You can add a dose of Spirulina daily in order to help with the problem. This herb is known to be almost magical in its curative properties for this particular problem. You would need to cut down on your intake of all foods that contain any fatty matter and increase your intake of foods rich in vitamin A. these would include most yellow and orange fruits and vegetables. Liver is also a very rich source of vitamin A. You must completely avoid consuming alcohol in any form. This is very dangerous for your health if you are suffering from a thyroid problem.

answered by G R

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