I am getting numbness in right hand

The numbness in your hand is probably being caused by a nerve dysfunction known as carpal tunnel syndrome. It is generally seen in people who work a lot with their fingers, such as pianists, typists, etc. The carpal tunnel is a combination of bones and ligaments situated in the wrist, and the median nerve passes through this tunnel. Over working of the wrist puts a strain on the tendons in the tunnel, which in turn exerts a pressure on the median nerve, until the nerve cannot function properly due to the swelling. This produces a side effect of numbness, pain, and difficulty in hand movement.

The syndrome is not permanent in most cases and the swelling and numbness can be taken care off by massaging the hand with a circular movement, using the other hand. This helps ease the pressure and also encourages the movement of blood, which is necessary for the smooth functioning of the wrist. You can also try using an ice pack to reduce the swelling - but do not apply the ice directly on your hand. Avoid over exertion of your hands during the duration of the numbness. Consuming foods that contain vitamin B6 has also been found to provide relief for carpel tunnel syndrome.

answered by G R

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