Relief from Snoring remedies

Snoring mostly occurs on account of the vibration of the soft palate thereby resulting in a low to high pitch, regular or irregular pattern sound when the individual is sleeping and may or may not be accompanied by heavy breathing. Snoring is known to affect the quality and quantity of sleep and poor sleep in turn could result in irritability, daytime fatigue and even other health problems. In most cases people who snore tend to have excessive nasal or throat tissue or even a floppy tissue that is prone to vibrate.

One of the common causes of snoring is age. As a person crosses middle age the throat tends to become narrower and the muscles tone of the throat muscles also decreases. Similarly nasal and sinus problems which result in blocked airways also make inhalation difficult which in turn leads to snoring. Smoking and alcohol intake is also responsible for snoring along with the intake of certain medications. Snoring could also be an indication of sleep apnea which is a life threatening medical condition and would need immediate care. In order to gain relief from snoring one should try and lose some weight so that there is a reduction in the fatty tissue in the back of the throat which in turn results in less snoring. One should also try nasal decongestants, neti pots or nasal strips to clear the nasal passages as a stuffy nose tends to make breathing difficult and also creates a vacuum in the throat leading to snoring. Since smoking irritates the membranes in the throat one should also try and quit smoking to gain relief from snoring. Relief form snoring could also be achieved by using a humidifier as dry air tends to irritate the membranes in the throat.

Before going to bed one should make sure that the sleeping area is free from all allergens such as dust, pet hair, feather pillows and similar other things as this would help in providing relief from snoring. A home remedy for snoring is to elevate ones head by at least four inches so as to encourage ones tongue and jaw to move forward and also provide ease in breathing. One should also try and sleep on their stomach instead of their back so as to gain relief from snoring. Very often ensuring that one follows constant sleeping times on a daily basis and also exercises often is sufficient to provide relief from snoring.

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