Home remedies for kidney pain

Kidney pain is mainly associated with various kidney diseases caused due to infections or bilateral inflammations. All the genitourinary diseases causing factors apply to kidney diseases also. The pain associated with diseases such as kidney stone, pyelitis, nephritis and pyelonephritis is at times unbearable and requires immediate relief.

Various home remedies for kidney pain are as follows:

  • In boiling water, blanch fresh salvia. Cool the mixture and drink.
  • Artichoke is a good remedy for relieving kidney pain.
  • Eat plenty of asparagus.
  • Prepare a paste of garlic and onion. Soak a bandage in the paste and apply it on the kidney to ease pain.
  • Topical application of turmeric on the kidney is also beneficial for relieving pain.
  • Mix Paronichyia Argentea in about one liter of water and cook the mixture for about half an hour. Drink this mixture every day until you feel relieved.
  • Take some celery and parsley. Place the mixture in water and boil. Cool the mixture and drink.
  • Drink a glass of lemon juice daily to ease kidney pain.
  • Beet is also a good remedy for kidney pain.
  • Drink a glass of cranberry juice every day.
  • Other effective remedies for kidney pain are watermelon seed tea, water melon juice, parsley tea, mullein tea, barley water and potassium broth.

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