How to walk with high heels to prevent Planter Fasciitis?

Walking is a good exercise as it helps burn calories with minimum strain or exertion. It is a simple exercise which does not require any equipments or guidance from a physical fitness trainer.

People in today's day and age are increasingly prone to fat accumulation and weight gain. The prominent reasons for weight gain are faulty eating habits, lack of physical exercise, stress, and other environmental factors. As such, increased weight and obesity is a big problem. obesity is not the only health concern; it has associated health problems as well.

Walking is a wonderful exercise as it negates the calorie intake by burning fat. People who are otherwise unfit to do heavy work outs could also start walking to reap the benefits of workouts. It helps build stamina and keeps the body healthy.

Walking keeps your digestive system intact. It promotes the secretion of gastric juices and leads to faster digestion, absorption, and assimilation of foods. Walking prevents constipation and other ailments associated with poor digestion. It helps reduce the risk of diabetes mellitus type II, breast cancer, and colon cancer. It also alleviates stress and anxiety, enhances blood circulation, and promotes sound sleep.

Walking does not require training by a physical fitness instructor and does not even call for any equipment. All you need to start walking a pair of shoes with a good grip. However, walking in inappropriate footwear can be dangerous and uncalled for. Walking with high heels exerts a lot of strain on the ankle, connective tissue, and calf muscles. The strain also extends to the hips and lower back. This leads to pain and even deformities in the feet, lower back, and hips.

Walking with heels can also lead to a condition referred to as planter fasciitis, which in turn can be defined as inflammation in the ligament running along the sole of the feet. Walking with high heels can also cause injury in the ankle and lower foot. This can be attributed to the increased distance between the feet and the ground, which causes the sensory receptors in the sole of the feet to misjudge the position of the feet with respect to the ground, leading to an increased probability of sprain in the feet.

As such, walking in heels in bad for the feet and it makes you susceptible to foot injury. It would not help in burning calories as it reduces the pace of walking and leads to pain in the lower back and leg. Therefore, while walking, you must wear comfortable shoes and move at a pace which will help you attain all the benefits of walking.

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