Treatment and cures for white phlegm in throat

White phlegm is the result of colds and allergies and will form in a person's sinuses and throat. It is thick mucus like substance that can lead a person to suffer from a persistent and uncomfortable cough and also a stuffed nose. Treating this condition is important as this could actually lead to a worse infection of the upper respiratory tract which if severe enough may require hospitalization. This condition in children and toddlers could be particularly disturbing and uncomfortable. There are various home remedies that one may try to treat this white phlegm cough.

One of the most effective of home remedies is to give the person a glass of some concentrated fresh lemon juice. This solution is helpful in clearing up a person's throat and also their nose. This is beneficial when dealing with respiratory conditions. Another remedy to get out white phlegm from lungs is to mix together some ginger and honey along with some warm water. This mixture should be drunk at least three times a day 2 tablespoons at a time. White phlegm in the throat can also be reduced by avoiding eating fatty and spicy foods. These are found to aggravate a condition of cough and cold. Try treating the phlegm white by mixing some white pepper along with a teaspoon of some fresh raw honey. This mixture needs to be consumed twice or thrice in a day for about 5 to 6 days. This helps in drying up the white phlegm and also in eliminating the cough. Another useful home remedy is to mix a couple of teaspoons of some honey along with a couple of teaspoons of some grape juice. This solution can be taken three times in a day for about 5 days. This grape juice has the properties that acts like an expectorant and thus gets rid of the phlegm. Try also extracting the juice of an onion and combining it with some lemon juice. This when added to a glass of boiling water can be added to some honey. Allow this mixture to cool, and then drink the entire solution at a go. This should be freshly prepared at least 3 times in a day to help get rid of the white phlegm. Try also boiling a fist full of mint leaves along with some eucalyptus leaves. This needs to be boiled in a large vessel of water. Once the mix is boiled inhale the steam that is released.

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