Enema home preparation tips: How do you make a home enema?

Enema is widely used to treat constipation and clean the colon. You use a rectal nozzle to introduce liquids through the anus into the rectum and the colon. These liquids then remove toxins and improve bowel movement. Water mixed with baking soda usually is most commonly used to stimulate bowel movement. Home enema kits also come in the form of syringes.

You can use a coffee enema prepared at home to detoxify the liver. When introduced into the colon, the system absorbs the caffeine. The liver uses the caffeine to produce bile that then finds its way into the small intestine. Remember to use regular ground coffee when you prepare a coffee enema and not the instant coffee that's so widely available. Besides this, you might want to use yoghurt when you prepare home enema. Yoghurt contains live bacteria and does help to treat constipation and colon cancer. You can also use water mixed with Epsom salt. Such a solution is an effective laxative.

When you administer a home enema, be sure that you know the exact manner in which the rectal nozzle or the syringe has to be inserted into the anus. Do not ever apply force. This can rupture the rectal tissues and cause internal bleeding. If it's the first time you are administering a home enema, do consult your physician for assistance.

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