Is there a natural way to increase libido?

The human libido is one of psychology and physiology's biggest mysteries. What we perceive as a feeling of desire and arousal is actually a set of complicated interactions at the bio-chemical level, as well one's life experiences and attitude towards sex itself. This is a case of individual tastes and personalities. What one person perceives as desirable or arousing may not be the same for another, one may not feel aroused at the same stimulus or time as another, and finally one may not have as open an attitude towards sexual activity and the subject of sex like another. In simple terms, libido is the sum total of the play of hormones and one's mental perception and affability to the subject. This makes it quite difficult to pick out a quick fix to start becoming a more sexual individual. Increasing one's libido is something that has to be done through a process of elimination. Incidentally, if you are planning to try some aphrodisiacs, it would be useful to know that almost all, if not all of them, have been seen to have little or no effect.

Desire in humans – both men and women is controlled physiologically by the presence of androgenic hormones like testosterone. Higher than normal levels of this hormone for temporary periods will indeed promote a feeling of general arousal; in fact, medications that inhibit the action of these hormones will cause a disinterest in sexual activities. Some of these medications include antidepressants, finasteride, minoxidil, and oral contraceptives that work by freeing more estrogen in the body or binding to testosterone. So, if you are on any of these medications then you should talk to your doctor about alternative methods of treatments. However, if you are not on any of these medications, low thyroid function, obesity, depression, stress, and anxiety are all definite mood-killers and do nothing to help increase the libido. In case you are wondering if there is some kind of pill to increase the amount of testosterone in the body then that would be an anabolic steroid – the famous class of drugs that makes the news every time a performance athlete is caught for doping. These should not be taken as these can kill you if you overdose on them and you could also have the reverse effect of starting to develop female characteristics. There is also a drug called Melanotan II which has been seen to be quite effective but it is still under tests, so ask your doctor about this before taking it.

The final word on the problem is to visit a sexologist and maintain a healthy lifestyle; however, one tip would be to open your mind to new sexual experiences and think more often about it and you just might notice a difference in libido.

answered by M W

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